Marc Lobliner – CEO of Scivation

Last week Marc Lobliner, CEO of Scivation/Primaforce and national level bodybuilder came in town for a special guest appearance at multiple Nutrition Centrals. Over the past week I had the pleasure of getting to know Marc very well, training with him, eating with him, learning about his company as well as his personal life. I’ve met alot of people in this industry and this is the first time when I’ve felt compelled to post here about them. Few times in a person’s life do they meet someone who has such a profound impact on them that it actually changes them as a person. Sometimes its when you first meet your spouse, or an influential boss or professor, or when you meet someone who becomes your best friend. For me this was one of those few times. Now I could go on all day about Marc as a bodybuilder. He competed in the Arnold Classic this year and placed very well. He’s actually the ONLY supplement company owner that competes, period. I worked out with him every night from last Thursday through Monday….I puked, twice. He trains with such freakish intensity and determination, always pushing himself (and me) past failure and reminding himself he has a Pro Card to win in 2 and a half years. He eats with even more discipline, the discipline of a true champion…I watched him eat endless amounts of oatmeal mixed with Solution-5, baked sweet potatoes – plain and dry, even a salad with mustard because dressings have either too much fat or sugar, never slipping up on his diet once in over 2 dozen meals I witnessed. But what’s the most impressive is that he and I are the same age, 29. We found out we have alot of common values – the love and faithfulness to our wife and kids, the dislike of hypocrites and dishonest companies, and most of all that our lives and our business is based first upon ethics. Ethics are one of the simplest values to have, but the hardest to find. Ethics are what Nutrition Central is all about. Hopefully ethics are why you are here also, as customer and part of the Nutrition Central family. It has become clear to me that if I don’t define myself ethically as a bodybuilder, as a business owner, and most importantly as a man, then I will just fade into mediocrity like my competitors. I thank Marc for making me realize this, in just a few short days. A funny thing, as a retail store owner when you meet the CEO of a multi-million dollar supplement company and the first time they try to summarize their company, you would expect them to say something like “we are the leader in sports nutrition” or “the #1 selling company” or “makers of the top selling protein” but instead he says “I like to call Scivation the Ethical Empire”. It kinda makes you look at every other supplement line on your shelf with a little less respect because you know no other CEO would have said the same thing. Marc runs Scivation alot like I run my store – customers results come before profit margin, always. Lower quality ingredients obviously equal higher profit margins whether you are the manufacturer or the retailer. But at Scivation, like at my store, we don’t care about that because at the end of the day both of us have the morals and conscience to be okay with making a couple bucks less if we can look ourselves in the mirror and know that we’re doing the right thing. Marc prides himself on practicing what he preaches, and he’s proof that attitude pays off. He takes only his own Scivation and Primaforce supplements, not because he feels he has to – but because that’s why he made them. He told me on several occasions that he won’t make a product unless it’s of the highest quality that he would take it himself. Do not take this post as a shameless plug in order to promote Scivation, Marc did not ask me to post this and actually has no clue I’m posting it yet. I’m posting this because it’s the least I can do for everything he’s done for me. I am a better person for knowing Marc Lobliner. If you are like me, you want to take quality supplements from companies who aren’t just out to take your money in return for some good tasting JUNK with a flashy hologram label. Here at Nutrition Central we’re old school and we don’t care what’s trendy, we want results! And if you want to support a guy and a company who shares the same values as Nutrition Central, go to and check out the products, follow Marc on! or go to your local Nutrition Central and see Marc in person the next time he makes an appearance. If only more people were like Marc then the next generation wouldn’t have to search so damn hard for inspiration!

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  1. This is truly humbling and an amazing thing to read!

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